Payroll Services...

Can you handle your payroll execution?

Managing your own business' payroll can be tedious and time consuming. By payroll up to the experts and focus your efforts on running a successful business.

Alankrita recommends companies to outsource payroll activities, as this will enable company’s focus on the core activities. Alankrita takes care of all your important payroll details, so that you can spend your valuable time and money growing your business. The Payroll services include processing of all the information required to manage your payroll (including employee details, payroll element details) as well as organising electronic funds transfers etc.

Alankrita's payroll service team is always updated with the tax matters and other payroll issues. The company also provides technical support to assist with employee pay and tax queries.

  • Entire Payroll services
  • Payroll processing
  • Attendance record collation
  • Data entry
  • Data verification
  • Provident Fund / ESI / Gratuity / PT / Advances / Recoveries
  • Pay slips generation
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