Logistics Services...

Are you able to maintain your Logistics efficiently?

Management of Logistics in an organization involves decision making for complete distribution of goods and services.

Alankrita believes that there is a close relationship between logistics and customer service, and it influences the company’s competitiveness. Outsourcing can contribute to profits by enabling users to gain competitive advantage, adding measurable value to products, enhancing customer service, assisting in opening new markets, and providing dedicated resources.

Alankrtia has the ability to provide their clients with expertise and experience that otherwise would be difficult to acquire, or costly to have in-house.

Outsourcing of Logistics enables a single point of accountability. Traditionally, Logistics are handled by firms internally as support functions. Activities such as transportation, distribution, warehousing, inventory management, order processing, and material handling have been given low priority compared with the other business functions.

Hence, there is a need for developing sustainable competitive advantage, providing good customer service, and the strategic value of focusing on core businesses. Outsourcing appears to be an important mechanism to realize these objectives. Some of the Logistics services include:

  • Operations related to Logistics Department / Warehousing Operation
  • Coordination with Customs
  • Clearances of goods
  • Filing of Bill of Entry
  • Stock handling
  • Bookkeeping
  • Billing
  • Despatches
  • Document Maintenance


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